Who We Are


Drew O'Brien

Founder / Creative Director

Drew O'Brien is an experienced designer with over 10 years of design experience. Drew has helped brands reach their full potential from every aspect of design. His unparalleled eye for perfection, innovation, and style have earned the respect of mentors and peers, made evident by all the successful advertising and marketing creative campaign launches he has  been apart of.


Alexandra Cimino

Social Media Manager

Alexandra Cimino is recent college grad who knows her way around the social media world. With a Marketing and Management degree from the University of Maryland, Alexandra has helped establish and grow numerous business' audiences and has a knack for understanding millennials (since she is one). She's an entrepreneur, a creative, and likes to take on a good challenge with a "can-do" mindset.


Company Mascot

Murphy is a rescue pup that is highly experienced in terrorizing the office. His skillset includes sit, stay, rollover and chasing squirrels.

We're Hiring

We are always looking for people to grow our business. If you think you have something you can bring to the table. let us know!