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DOWIT Training


DOWIT is headed up by Savon Huggins,  Former NFL player who specializes training in πŸˆπŸ€βšΎοΈπŸŽΎβš½οΈπŸ.




Assemble HR Consulting


Assemble is a boutique Human Resources firm that partners with leaders to find, motivate, develop, inspire, and engage best-in-class teams. 

They help leaders create a #WorkplaceThatWorks.

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Quentin Gause - Denver Broncos


Quentin Gause is a Linebacker for the Denver Broncos. He perviously played his college football at Rutgers University.





TAPPTEK is a guest engagement platform. Their programs are designed to help beverage brands increase revenue, improve consumer loyalty, and lower on-premise activation costs.



Austin Fanning General Contractors


Austin Fanning General Contractors is a full service, licensed and insured Home Improvement General Contractor specializing in Residential Remodeling in Northern New Jersey.



PFT Technology


PFT Technology uses tracer compounds in underground feeder systems, they are the most experienced company in the world providing this service.



AFFA Fencing 


AFFA Fencing is an Olympic medal winning Fencing Academy. AFFA takes an innovative approach to competitive fencing through their progressive ideas and evolutionary training methods.



FineWorld LLC


Fine World LLC is a privately owned apparel manufacturing company.



Bergen Pride Lacrosse


Bergen Pride Lacrosse is a premier New Jersey club team, featuring some of the top talent in the state. The goal of the team is to prepare players ready for the collegiate levels, both physically and mentally.



State of Mind Apparel 


State of Mind Apparel was the subsidiary clothing company of FineWorld LLC, which designed and sold clothing to local New York City retailers.



Bro So Hard University Apparel 


Bro So Hard Apparel was a subsidiary of Average Bro Clothing LLC, which I used to own. The designs were focused to appeal to college students.



Media Mover LLC


Media Mover is a full service service digital distribution company, which focuses on bringing affordable HD shipping solutions to their clients. They have one of the fastest turn around times in the business.